Phone Plan Assessments

Want to Make Sure You Have The Right Internet and Phone Plan?

Sifting through a sea of internet and phone plan contracts is not likely to be anyone’s idea of fun.Don’t worry, we can help! Everyone has different IT requirements; and when it comes to phone and internet plans, we’ve seen it all. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re after in a home phone, mobile or internet plan and with so many companies offering these services, how do you stay up to date with current pricing, products and features?

Computer Repairs - Gold Coast - Internet and Phone Plan Assessment

We can save you the time and hassle. Our team has access to up to date information regarding phone and internet services, so why bother sifting through what each company can offer when our team will gladly do it for you? We will help you match services and equipment to your IT requirement and your budget and save you time and money in the process.

Internet and Phone Plan Assessment

Because we know all there is to know about IT, internet and phone; we can ask the relevant questions, tick the right requirement boxes and make sure that what you get is what you’re after, and that it represents value for money. The best way to ensure you are getting what you need when it comes to internet and phone plans and products, is with our Internet and Phone Plan Assessment Service.

This comprehensive service ensures you’re using the right products, signed up for the appropriate services and of course, make sure that you’re getting it all at the right price. Our Internet and Phone Plan Assessments take the hard work, guesswork and research time out of setting up your phone and internet packages, and our No Geek Speak promise means we’ll do our best to ensure you understand the products you’re signing up for and how they work. Based right here on the Gold Coast we are available to assist you make the right choices for your needs

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Found Matt friendly and efficient. He listened to what we wanted and delivered. Our new computer and backup is working brilliantly.
Excellent and fast service. Thank you for all your help.Highly recommended
"Matt provides an excellent, professional and diligent technical service. He provides this at a very reasonable cost.He responded to me within one hour on a Sunday morning and completed the problem solution before lunch. He also took preventative measures to ensure I would not have the problem again.I would highly ...
Matt was a very helpful and patient technician Although we couldn't get my chromecast set up due to hotel restrictions, he was able to clean up my infected pc and allow me to use internet banking again Thanks for being a lifesaver Matt!
Paul Tietjen
I have been using Matt for my home business for a year or so now He's very quick to work out my issues and very reliable at any time of the day
I had a few issues on my Macbook, and I have no ideas with computers. Matt showed up on the weekend and quickly sorted everything that was giving me problems.He did everything in ½ hr and was reasonably priced.
Peter West
I have been using Matt for my home business for a year or so now He's very quick to work out my issues and very reliable at any time of the day
JamieMacline Group
So happy with having matthew back again, feel great having a reliable and quick technician to help us out.Very likeable man. Thanks Matthew!
Irene Lohrer
Matthew responded to an urgent PC issue that was two-fold. A nasty virus combined with a failing C Drive. The virus was removed and the system copied to a new drive overnight. This was fuuly tested and following a quick after hours fix with a drive seating problem all was ...
PeterGold Coast
"We rely heavily on Matt for both the office & workshop, as well as our home network. He has done an amazing job and is always reliable. He even visits after-hours to ensure the job is done. Couldn't be happier as technology can be such a pain.)"
EdNerang, QLD