A Tech In Need is based on the Gold Coast and can help with all your computer problems. We pride ourselves on providing cost effective, real computer solutions and quality of service. Our testimonials speak for themselves. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, to provide testimonial or to book your FREE COMPUTER CHECK UP. We look forward to hearing from you.

Found Matt friendly and efficient. He listened to what we wanted and delivered. Our new computer and backup is working brilliantly.


Excellent and fast service. Thank you for all your help. Highly recommended


"Matt provides an excellent, professional and diligent technical service. He provides this at a very reasonable cost. He responded to me within one hour on a Sunday morning and completed the problem solution before lunch. He also took preventative measures to ensure I would not have the problem again. I would highly recommend Matt to attend to your computer needs. He provides an honest and trustworthy service for extremely good value."


Matt was a very helpful and patient technician Although we couldn't get my chromecast set up due to hotel restrictions, he was able to clean up my infected pc and allow me to use internet banking again Thanks for being a lifesaver Matt!

Paul Tietjen

I have been using Matt for my home business for a year or so now He's very quick to work out my issues and very reliable at any time of the day


I had a few issues on my Macbook, and I have no ideas with computers. Matt showed up on the weekend and quickly sorted everything that was giving me problems. He did everything in ½ hr and was reasonably priced.

Peter West

I have been using Matt for my home business for a year or so now He's very quick to work out my issues and very reliable at any time of the day


So happy with having matthew back again, feel great having a reliable and quick technician to help us out. Very likeable man. Thanks Matthew!

Irene Lohrer

Matthew responded to an urgent PC issue that was two-fold. A nasty virus combined with a failing C Drive. The virus was removed and the system copied to a new drive overnight. This was fuuly tested and following a quick after hours fix with a drive seating problem all was back to normal. An excellent and timely service was provided by atechinneed.....a great tech indeed.


"We rely heavily on Matt for both the office & workshop, as well as our home network. He has done an amazing job and is always reliable. He even visits after-hours to ensure the job is done. Couldn't be happier as technology can be such a pain.)"


"A Tech In Need was a friendly and reliable service. They helped me through my problem and explained it to me so I could deal with the same problem myself."


"Matt was the most helpful and friendly computer technician. I had all sorts of problems that needed sorting out, and he was patient and offered great recommendations. He also had my computers back very quickly and made sure to look after everything. Highly recommended for all your computer needs!!"


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