Tips to follow for a better Wi-Fi experience

Tips to follow for a better Wi-Fi experience | Gold Coast | A Tech In Need

Tips to follow for a better Wi-Fi experience

Distance is the most obvious problem when it comes to a Wi-Fi connection since there is a certain optimal range that the wireless signal can travel. If the network has to cover an area larger that the transmitting capability of the router or if walls and corners in the way the routers performance will surely be hampered.  Here are some tips from us to help you get a better Wifi experience.

  1. Add more access points
    Interference is a big issue, especially for those who live in densely populated areas. Signals from other wireless networks and electronics can often impact speeds as well as other physical obstructions, such as walls. Many phones and other wireless devices can also interfere with signals. So adding more access points will help boost the signal of your wireless device.
  2. Place your router in a central location
    It almost goes without saying, but you need to make sure you’re placing a Wi-Fi router in as central a location in your home or office as possible for best reception. A router’s signal extends out from its antennas so placing it in the corner of your house prevents you from receiving the best possible signal.
  3. Use DIY tricks
    If your router still won’t reach far enough, you can extend its range with simple DIY windsurfer tin foil hack. Our favorite is the Windsurfer tin foil hack, though you can also use an old beer can or a cooking strainer or a soda can to extend your router’s range, try it (It Works!)


  1. Buy antenna extension cables
    You can spend some money to boost your network range. Almost all routers and PC network cards, usually those with adjustable antennae, use twist-off antennae with RP-SMA connectors. You can try buying a RP-SMA antenna extension cables, or even a directional antenna to boost your WiFi’s performance.